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Frequently Asked Questions:

• What is the Frend.li podcast about?

The Frend.li podcast is a safe and happy place where we can talk about life's challenges, depression, getting more out of life and self-improvement. It doesn't focus on just the negative things in life - rather it looks at issues that may be detrimentally affecting our lives and considers potential underlying causes, and then looks at ways of addressing these issues and bringing positivity to our lives. Some episodes also look solely at getting more out of life and self-improvement strategies.

• How often do you release new episodes?

Initially, the aim is to release a new episode fortnightly. Depending on how these are received, I aim to increase this to weekly episodes.

• Where can I find the Frend.li podcast?

You can find the podcast anywhere you would normally find podcasts including iTunes. You can also directly access episodes from our website on the Podcasts page.

• How do I submit audio comments or questions?

Record your audio comments or questions on your computer, tablet or phone using any audio recording program and save the file. Then, go to our Contact page and the "Submit audio comments or questions" section where you will find a button to choose the audio file and another button to upload it. Note that audio files must be in WAV or MP3 format and a maximum size of 200MB.